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Web Exclusive: Restaurantware raises the food

Jan 02, 2024

Since 2010, Restaurantware has manufactured design-forward and sustainably-focused products for a number of businesses, including hotels, that enhance the presentation and perceived value of each dish, drink and meal served. The company offers items from takeout containers and straws to drinkware and napkin dispensers.

Jamil Bouchareb, CEO, Restaurantware, founded the company to fill a need in the market.

“Chefs and operators were looking for products that could bring the vision for their menus to life and support their sustainable initiatives,” he said. “Recognizing the industry’s need for products that would allow them to stand out among the ordinary, Restaurantware launched with a targeted focus on unique, innovative catering and packaging products. In the 13 years since then, the company has expanded to provide an expansive range of disposables, smallwares, equipment and janitorial supplies.”

The company’s products can be found in more than 5,000 hotels, noted Bouchareb, who added that hoteliers can choose from 6,000-plus items in the Restaurantware catalog.

“Whether operators want to improve merchandising of their grab-&-go offerings or stock up on janitorial and sanitary supplies and equipment for a new opening, Restaurantware is a one-stop shop,” he said. “In our catalog, hotel operators can find everything from no-added-PFAS [per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances] takeout packaging to commercially compostable coffee cups and high-end Japanese steel knives. Additionally, we proudly offers customized products to the country’s top hotel brands to ensure guests have an on-brand, memorable stay every time.”

Sustainability principles have been an integral part of Restaurantware’s offerings since the beginning, and all of the company’s disposable products are compostable or recyclable.

“The company is dedicated to developing one sustainable, compostable or recyclable product for every durable product created,” said the CEO. “Restaurantware’s product development team is acutely tuned to utilizing new, sustainable materials like marine degradable PHA, no-PFAS-added sugarcane, tree-free bamboo paper, palm leaf and others that we can’t share too much information on quite yet as they’re still in development. To further enhance the company’s sustainable efforts, one tree is planted through our Plant One on Us initiative for every order placed on the website.”

The company is “constantly striving to provide hotel partners with offerings that better meet the needs of their guests and general food service needs,” Bouchareb noted, adding that Restaurantware has several new releases coming in the months ahead. “In September, the company will launch an expanded collection of palm leaf plates, featuring specialized styles and sizes designed specifically for catering purposes. We will also introduce a new line called Sustain featuring tree-free bamboo paper packaging, which is set to launch by November.”