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Yes, Insulated Margarita Glasses Exist—and Trust Me: You Need One

Jan 05, 2024

Regular drinkware is so boring.

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The trendiest drinkware out there right now is insulated water bottles and tumblers. Stanley and Yeti tumblers, for instance, have taken over social media, and I even recently bought myself an insulated Hydro Flask tumbler (mainly because I like the font more than Yeti’s aggressive lettering), which I fill up with water and bring with me everywhere. Insulated drinkware is the most practical choice for hot weather — and it can even be sleek and stylish.

But can insulated drinkware also be fun? As the proud owner of an insulated margarita glass, I am here to say that the answer is yes.


First of all, this glass is made from vacuum-insulated stainless steel, rather than plastic or glass. You can use it outdoors and not worry about it getting damaged if it's dropped or knocked over onto a picnic table or concrete — and it actually feels quite sturdy and heavy in my hand, which speaks to its quality. It also has a 12-ounce capacity, which fits half a can of hard seltzer or a full can of beer, as well as margarita either frozen or on the rocks.

Another nifty feature is that it doesn’t have an open top, but rather a removable lid that slides open and closed, which keeps bugs out and prevents spills. I found this feature especially helpful when I needed to pause sipping to chase down a baby who had somehow wiggled out her life vest and ran full speed toward the lake. I just quickly slid the top closed and my drink was still cold by the time I wrangled her back to our picnic table.

But does it actually keep drinks frosty in summer weather? Last weekend, the temperatures in New Jersey, where I live, reached a high of 95°F, and yes this glass did exactly what vacuum-insulated drinkware is supposed to do — it kept my drink cold even when I left it in direct sunlight. Full disclosure: None of my beverages lasted for hours before being refilled, although according to the brand it is supposed to keep liquids cold for 8 continuous hours.

But here’s my favorite part: It’s eye-catching and slightly over the top and ridiculous — perfect for vacation. Yes, I could have used my very practical insulated tumbler but that’s so boring. Vacation is all about letting out your playful, extravagant side. There’s something so luxurious about sipping your favorite beverage out of a margarita glass instead of a run-of-the-mill can or red cup that you typically see on the beach or at the lake.

And by the way, I also use it as a water glass during my workday, which has made for some hilarious sideways glances from my babysitter when she arrives at my house at 9 a.m.

If you want to add a little flair and personality to your next warm-weather vacation, I highly recommend picking up the Better Dweller margarita glass. It’s only $26, and that’s a small price to pay for bringing a dash of style to your next vacation.

At the time of publishing the price was $26.