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Amazon shoppers love these soft makeup towels that remove everything, even waterproof makeup: ‘The ONLY makeup towels you should buy’

Jun 27, 2023

Wiping off your makeup after a long day can be a cathartic experience. After all, nothing beats a little end-of-day self-care to get you psyched for sleep. Cleansing your skin and finally letting it breathe almost rivals the feeling of taking your bra off at the end of the day. Almost.

There’s only one negative to removing makeup: Ruined towels. Patting your face dry after a cleanse often means trailing foundation, bronzer, mascara and more on your towels. And washing all that gunk off of a pristine white towel is basically impossible. Your towel will be dingy at best and plain ruined at worst.

Well, it’s time to officially say goodbye to gross makeup-stained towels. Amazon shoppers have found a solution to this specific makeup-removing woe: Simple black microfiber makeup towels. The best part? These miracle towels ring in at less than $20 for a pack of six.

Available in black, gray or pink.

The beloved makeup towels by Arkwright come in a pack of six, promising to help remove your most stubborn makeup with silky microfiber fabric. At 13 inches by 13 inches, these cloths are larger than your typical face cloth, giving you plenty of real estate for removing stubborn makeup residue. Yes, even the waterproof stuff.

“I don’t need to scrub to remove mascara and waterproof mascara,” one reviewer, who calls the towels plush and thick, writes. “All my makeup wipes off with ease!”

Super soft yet quick drying, the cloths are machine washable and infinitely reusable. That means they are way better for the environment than disposable makeup wipes. Each cloth even comes embroidered with the word “makeup,” so the purpose is clear to all — including your significant other.

“These are the ONLY makeup towels you should buy,” one reviewer writes, adding, “You will LOVE how soft and how great they work. Definitely recommend — 5 stars!”

The cloths come in black, gray and pink, but one colorway reigns supreme among buyers. Many reviewers sing the praises of switching over to black makeup cloths, which helps turn makeup-stained towels into a thing of the past.

“These little towels have saved my bath towels and hand towels from the dreaded black marks from mascara,” one reviewer writes. “Highly recommend these.”

“These are super soft — softer than typical towels,” another reviewer writes. “The black fabric saves it from visible stains from mascara or eye makeup.”

Several reviewers mention stocking these towels in Airbnb properties they manage, pleasing guests with the thoughtful bathroom addition. In fact, many reviewers mention falling in love with the soft towels while staying in hotels or Airbnbs — so much so that they purchased a set for themselves at home.

“I will never wash my face with any other cloth again,” one reviewer wrote. “They had them at an Airbnb I stayed at and I messaged the host when I got home to ask where he purchased them!”

Makeup-stained towels, your days are numbered.

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