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21 Barbie Gifts For Adults, From Drinkware To Bags & Makeup

Jan 14, 2024

Wrapped In Plastic

And there are items for your Dreamhouse, too.

Barbie is the Queen of Accessories, but honestly, with the new Barbie movie coming out, it’s time for all of us to unleash our true Barbie Girl with all of the best Barbie accessories for adults. From cute bags and lipsticks to Barbie items for your home, it’s very easy to turn your life into a real Barbie World (it’s fantastic!).

Barbie’s iconic hot pink logo can be found on so many products — which, up until recently, have been focused more on the littlest Barbie girls. But now all of us who grew up with Barbie can take a piece of her with us with these amazing Barbie gifts for adults. Drink from a Barbie cocktail glass, use a Barbie bag to hold diapers and wipes for your own little Skippers and Chelseas, throw on some Barbie crocs and use your Barbie Ruggable to wipe your feet before heading into your Barbie Dreamhouse. The possibilities are endless! (Much like our girl Barbie and all of her ideas and dreams.)

So whether you’re the Barbie girl in question for you need a Barbie gift idea for the adult friend in your life, these are the ultimate Barbie accessories and products. If you were a Barbie, these would be the tiny items in your box to really round out your personality.

If claw clips are back, then let’s really bring them back with some bedazzled Barbie logos. Kitsch is known for their great hair accessories, and I can attest to this Barbie rhinestone claw clip and how well it works on super thick hair. It’s my favorite for clipping my hair up so I can take a bath like a real Barbie girl.

Your feet won’t get stuck in that Barbie arch with these bad boys. Crocs are officially perfect with the Barbie classic clog, and you can even customize your charms.

Barbie is known for her Dreamhouse and her Dream rides, so take it to the pool with the Malibu Barbie golf cart pool float from FUNBOY. Seriously so cute and the perfect float for hauling a bunch of little Barbie girls (and boys!) or for taking it on a solo spin.

Never have a basic glass of water ever again with this Barbie silver rhinestone tumbler. It’s the perfect hot pink Barbie logo.

OK, wait. Now we’re really talking with Barbie drinkware. I’m obsessed with this Dragon Glassware Barbie Dreamhouse diamon glasses. They’re so fun, and the shape of them is just beyond cool, especially with the iconic Barbie logo stamped on the bottom.

I love this Barbie belt bag so much! It’s the logo I remember from the ‘90s and the hot pink strap is so perfect. It’s a great size for throwing in your phone and a few essentials, and your kids will probably steal it from you.

Barefoot Dreams makes ton of cozy items, but none of them will feel as luxurious as the CozyChic Barbie blanket. It’s pricey, but it’s huge, gorgeous, and so, so soft.

Look, there’s never been a shortage of Barbie makeup products, but we’re past the plastic fake lipsticks of the ‘90s we all carried around and onto really great lip creams. This NYX Barbie smooth whip lip cream comes in several colors and is just too good. I love the Barbie logo and design on the actual tube, and it’s a must for sliding on before seeing the movie.

Barbie is everything, but she’s also a California girl. This sweet Malibu Barbie candle bundle from Homesick will make your own home smell just like her Dreamhouse.

Come on, every Barbie needs to rest her super high plastic arches. Try these Barbie fluffy slippers for the ultimate cozy shoe, and you can even choose from a variety of colors.

The Barbie logo is just so perfect. It reminds me of walking down the pink Barbie aisles as a kid, just overwhelmed with all of the options. Now you can take that Barbie energy with you with these Barbie x Kendra Scott ear climber earrings. Such a fun nod to Barbie, and they can easily be dressed up or down!

Let everyone know immediately that your house may not be hot pink with a three-story slide, but it’s still a Barbie Dreamhouse. This Ruggable Barbie doormat is so great and such a fun statement piece right at your door. And like all Ruggable products, it’s a breeze to keep clean so you’re always looking Barbie-fab.

Whether you get all glammed up for the Barbie movie premiere or just want to soak in all those Barbie Girl vibes, you need this OPI Barbie nail polish. It is the ultimate shade of Barbie pink and will go with literally anything.

Take it back to the very beginning and time travel to 1959 with this retro Barbie smartwatch band featuring a color combo inspired by the original Barbie doll and her black-and-white striped swimsuit. It’s the perfect subtle hint of Barbie.

Clearly, I can’t get enough of the Barbie logo, and this Barbie daily mug really pushes that motif. I just love the bright script, and it looks like a really good mug that you can hold with both hands and get fully caffeinated just like Barbie every morning.

I’m obsessed with this old-school Barbie motif on this Barbie Good Times sweatshirt. So cozy and cute, and I’m pretty sure I had something that looked exactly like it in when I was a kid in the ‘90s.

Does it get much better than a hot pink trucker hat? This fun Barbie trucker hat has lyrics from Aqua’s iconic “Barbie Girl” song, and is perfect for a beach day, yard work, or literally any moment during the day where you need to represent.

Barbie girls everywhere, young and old, will love this Barbie Girl beaded bracelet from Little Words Project. The colors are so perfectly Barbie, and I love that it has the logo on the little gold charm, too.

Curl your hair for the Barbie premiere with the Barbie x Kitsch satin heatless curling set. I have the original curling set and it’s so, so good. I have super thick hair and it makes effortless curls (do it when your hair is alllllllmost dry) that last all day, but now you can do it with a Barbie version!

Obsessed with these his and hers Barbie sweatshirts featuring the “she’s everything” quote on the woman’s version and the “he’s just Ken” quote on the man’s. My husband is absolutely wearing this, whether he likes it or not.

The perfect shade of pink, the huge handles, the Barbie logo — this Anytime tote bag in Barbie pink is just a must. I’m obsessed with it, and you could easily make it a specific bag for you and your family — like the pool bag or the change-of-clothes-just-in-case bag — but you could also just make it your own personal Barbie accessory.

Whether you’re on the go or at home on the couch, you always need to shout out your Barbie loyalty. These Barbie accessories will make you always feel like the Barbie girl you are.

Samantha Darby