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This Amazon crossbody bag is perfect for travel and everyday wear

Jul 25, 2023

Packing for a vacation abroad can be stressful and intimidating, from planning comfortable (yet trendy) outfits to finding shoes you can clock 20,000 steps in — all while trying not to look like a total tourist. And on top of that, a reliable bag that will safely hold your essentials while still feeling like an accessory is an absolute must.

I always find myself in a purse dilemma; my bags are either too bulky or too small. I didn't have a "Goldilocks" option that could also fit everything needed for an all-day adventure — until I tried this Inicat crossbody bag. It's the perfect blend between functional and compact.

This large (but not too large) crossbody bag has become the star of my latest trip abroad. Not only did I get tons of compliments from friends, but also it fit everything I needed for a day exploring a foreign city, all while feeling secure!

If you've been scrolling through TikTok recently, chances are you've seen the Italian woman shouting, "Attenzione pickpocket!" This modern folk hero inspired me to think more about potential thievery in popular tourist areas, and this bag put my mind at ease. It sits nicely across your torso so you can keep your eyes on it and hands near it at all times. The pouch portion features two zipper pockets that fit my passport, portable charger, sunscreen, credit cards, sunglasses, some beauty items and my phone. And there's even a secret compartment, accessed via the backside, which features a zipper that hides against your body. This is where I safely stashed some cash and my hotel room key.

One of my favorite features of the bag is that you can choose which side the adjustable strap attaches to. I found this option to be helpful when one shoulder got sore: I just swapped it to the other side.

I even found this to be a great "personal item" for the plane! Because it sits right in front of you, it's super easy to access your boarding pass and other essentials, all while navigating the airport with a suitcase and coffee in both hands.

When traveling, I try my best to blend in and not stand out like a sore thumb. This bag is so cute, it complimented all my outfits, and I didn't feel like the stereotypical tourist with a backpack. According to the brand, the bag is made with vegan leather, which I think looks really high-end and more expensive than it is. It's offered in a variety of colors and styles; I chose brown since I wanted something simple that could be worn for multiple occasions beyond traveling. One thing to note is that there is French writing on the front above the brand name, which I'd normally find a bit tacky, but since the font is so small and pretty it didn't bother me at all.

In case you're looking for a smaller bag, this brand does offer different sizes! However, I think the large version is perfect for everyday errands and an evening out. Since wearing it during my travels, my other purses have gone back on the shelf. I might even grab a smaller version or another color to add to my accessory collection!

Shannon Garlin is an Associate Editor for Shop TODAY.