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The cutest ways to style a bandana

May 31, 2023

So you found a totally cute bandana but are completely clueless on how to style it in your everyday summer hair looks. DW, we've got all the inspo...

1. Use the bandana as a hair tie

Add some flair to your everyday ponytail with a colorful bandana. Put your hair up in a scrunchie as you normally would, then tie a bandana around your ponytail as a stylish accent piece. It's cute and practical––and perfect for girls on the go!

@jessannkirby and @craigsmackay

2. Bandana as a headband

For a super simple look, fold the bandana hot dog-style until you have your ideal width. Then, tie it around the back of your head.


3. Bandana braid

If you're looking for a more daring look, braid the bandana into your hair. This style is perfect for keeping your hair away from your face.

A post shared by @hairaffairbyrida

4. Tie the bandana in the front

For a fun spin on the typical headband look, tie it in the front instead of the back. This keeps the tie front and center, making the knot a part of your look.

5. Style your bandana as a fun top

OK, this isn't exactly a hair look—but we love it anyway. If you have a bigger bandana, fold it into a triangle and tie it around your back for a cute outfit. Pair it with some denim shorts for a Y2K-inspired fit.


Slider image: @uveekajussTop image: @jjeennni


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1. Use the bandana as a hair tie2. Bandana as a headband3. Bandana braid4. Tie the bandana in the front5. Style your bandana as a fun top8/2/2023THISYou + Barbizon = model magic 📸Enter to win hereSTUFFZapzytEnter to win here!