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Maine Dept. of Labor free safety trainings for Sept. 2023 announced

Aug 28, 2023

Maine Dept. of Labor announces its upcoming no-cost trainings for September 2023 safety classes.

Upcoming classes:

Register and browse more SafetyWorks! classes:

If you have questions about safety or upcoming classes, reach out to SafetyWorks! at 1-877-SAFE-345 or [email protected].

If you have questions about Wage and Hour compliance, please reach out to the Wage and Hour Division at 207-623-7900 or [email protected], or visit

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Upcoming classes:10-Hour Construction Standards: Work Zone Safety:How to Conduct a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assessment:Lockout/Tagout - Control of Hazardous EnergyMonitoring and Evaluating for Air and Noise Hazards: Wage and Hour Compliance Assistance