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For researchers: Collaborating with Virginia Tech's Investment Institutes

Aug 14, 2023

30 Aug 2023

From: Office of Research and Innovation

Research Development Series: Collaborating with Virginia Tech's Investment Institutes

Virginia Tech’s investment institutes fuel research and faculty development by investing in high-risk, high-reward projects and convening thought leaders in their respective disciplinary focus areas.

Operating through the Office of Research and Innovation, the investment institutes leverage university funds to invest in targeted research areas with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary programs. In this Research Development Series seminar, learn about the specific kinds of research being conducted in each institute and the support, resources, and collaborations that are available to Virginia Tech programs and faculty.

Oct. 19, 1 - 2:30 p.m.

North End Center, Room 2420

This seminar is offered both in-person and virtually.

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