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The Handy Way To Use Rubber Bands In Your Dishwasher

Jan 09, 2024

Do you struggle to keep your wine glasses secure in the dishwasher? Although stemless options exist, many of us still prefer the elegance of a traditional wine glass. However, repeated episodes of broken glasses leave us pondering how to safeguard our fragile stemware. Even if you trust the supposedly reliable rack, these delicate glasses have a frustrating tendency to tip over and crack. Fortunately, you can now protect your precious glassware with the help of a common household item: rubber bands.

Elastic bands have a remarkable ability to stretch the boundaries, and now they can save the day for your wine glasses in the dishwasher. Whether you've hosted a classy soirée or simply enjoyed a solo glass alone, reach for that trusty rubber band before loading your drinkware into the dishwasher. The elasticity of the band allows it to stretch around the stem, and by tethering it to the prongs, it seamlessly pulls back and keeps your glasses firmly in place. Even the most powerful wash cycle is no match for these resilient snap bands, as they work to keep your delicate stemware safe and sound.

There are two methods for using a rubber band to secure stemware in the dishwasher. The first approach is suitable for securing multiple glasses. Start by arranging the wine glasses in the top rack of the dishwasher, specifically in one of the end rows with the necks facing upwards. To ensure the dishwasher drawer can close, position the drinkware at an angle. Then, loop a rubber band around a prong at one end of the row. Stretch the band across all the stems and secure it to another prong at the opposite end. This way, a single elastic band can securely hold all of the wine glasses in place.

Another approach to using a rubber band is individually securing wine glasses rather than full rows. Begin by grabbing a rubber band and looping it around a prong in the dishwasher. Then, carefully wrap the band around the neck of the wine glass and loop it back around another prong. If needed, repeat the process and wrap the band again to ensure a snug and secure hold. This method proves particularly useful when securing a single glass rather than multiple. Voila! Your stemmed drinkware will emerge from the dishwasher brilliantly clean and damage-free.