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13 Cute and Effortless Bandana Hairstyles to Try

May 26, 2023

Elevate your accessory game with these highly covetable looks.

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Bandanas have truly withstood the test of time. Whether they make you think of cowboys or '90s supermodels, we can all universally agree they're an enduring part of the hair accessory-sphere. Over the years, fashion enthusiasts have played a pivotal role in preserving the art of bandana styling, finding innovative and creative ways to style the handkerchief into their hair.

And that same goes for today: influencers, hairstylists, and hair lovers alike are no strangers to flocking to social media to share their favorite way to wear bandanas. To help you discover the best bandana styles circulating online, we curated a guide full of social media standouts. Keep scrolling for the inspo you need to elevate your next bandana-styling session.

A timeless approach to wearing a bandana is styling it as a headband. Mastering this look is easy: fold the bandana in half, roll it into a fabric strip, and tie it around either the top or bottom of your head, depending on your preferred look.

Embrace the '90s vibe by folding your bandana into a triangular shape and securing it beneath your hair, right at the nape of your neck. Complete the look by framing your face with longer pieces, as seen here.

Sporting a bandana with short hair and bangs guarantees all eyes are on your fabulous fringe. This creator wears the White Lace Bandana from Brothers & Sisters Paris.

Consider the perfect beach hairstyle found. The creator complemented her piecey, messy bun with a textured floral bandana. She tied the bandana in a traditional tie-fold fashion to achieve the style, securing it snugly underneath her bun.

Another way to style a bandana is into a top knot by wrapping it around the bun's base. In a blog post, this creator called this style "a great option for dirty hair you don't want to deal with."

Short hair doesn't restrict your bandana-styling possibilities. Case in point: this fashion influencer covered most of her hair with a blue bandana to enhance her ensemble and protect her hair from UV rays.

Braids and bandanas are a match made in hair heaven, evidenced by this creator’s take on the trend. The light red bandana adds a touch of vintage charm.

To achieve a street style-worthy bandana look, draw inspiration from this creator, who wore her bandana as a chic head wrap, styled atop her bouncy curls.

This hair influencer graciously shared a video detailing the steps to recreate this bandana braid, which she highly recommends for a beach-ready look. Pro tip: For those with long hair, use a large bandana for seamless application.

This fashion and travel vlogger also has a knack for elegant bandana hairstyles. For this look, she let her hair flow freely, sweeping her face-framing strands to the forefront and accessorizing with a cream-colored satin bandana.

This knotted bandana hairstyle is an easy way to take your ponytail to the next level. Simply tie your bandana around your hair tie to cop the feminine look.

This pirate-chic look is timelessly cool, and a great option for hiding greasy roots. In this take on the trend, the creator completely concealed the top of her head, with the bandana sitting just below her hairline.

A monochrome moment is always a stylish choice, as demonstrated by how this fashionista expertly matched her yellow bandana with her top.

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